Welcome to MTS! We are pleased to serve your medical transcription needs.  We offer a full range of national medical transcription services from our operations center in New York.

We offer a wide range of dictation options for your convenience and pride ourselves on our unparalleled level of customer service.  Just let us know how we can help you!  If you are ready to get started - click here.

Accurate and Timely Medical Transcription Services Delivered to Meet the Critical Needs of the Medical Profession


At MTS we understand the importance of turning medical work products into tangible, accurate and sharable media, we've been in the transcription business for 45 years. Our native team of professionals employs state-of-the-art technology to enable systematic delivery of your transcripts from whatever media you choose.  We specialize in robust infrastructure services like Dial-In Dictation. for effortless delivery of your audio files to us via any telephone and eRoadWarrior. for secure receipt of your completed transcripts. We will design and implement a cost effective and reliable solution to maximize your ROI and medical transcription needs.

Our unique, quality-controlled transcription process ensures that your medical transcription needs are fulfilled accurately and in a timely manner.

We provide several dictation options to serve your transcription needs.  Click below to learn more about the medical dictation options offered by MTS. 

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